Bowling Zombies Game By Zombies & Toys - Toy

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Bowling Zombies Game

By : Zombies & Toys

Bowling Zombies Game By Zombies & Toys - Toy
Item #: ZB

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Knock over zombie-pins without knocking down the king-pin. A zombie themed table top bowling game. This is fun indoor activity and easy to play. Features 2 miniature bowling balls and 10 handcrafted wooden miniature bowling pins. A fun game for 2 players. It was the search for some "human time" with friends and family - time away from televisions, computers, cell phones and pagers - that inspired Front Porch Classics to bring people together through game play. A few dads from Seattle got together on a common mission to create unplugged family entertainment to design games that would engage friends and the whole family (yes, multiple generations) around the coffee table in laughter, sharing, and building memories. In a few short years, Front Porch Classics has established a national reputation for creating beautiful games designed to live in your home or office, on a favorite coffee table, bookshelf or desk.

Price : $19.99

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Bowling Zombies Game

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