Ashigaru Storm Trooper By Bandai - Toy

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Ashigaru Storm Trooper

By : Bandai

Ashigaru Storm Trooper By Bandai - Toy

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It's The Movie Realization Figures - Star Wars - Ashigaru Storm Trooper. Tamashii Nations' Movie Realization brand takes the theme of movies and infuses that concept into high quality figures - with an extra dash of "wa" (Japanese style) that makes for a completely unique design! This stunning interpretation of the Galactic Empire's fearsome warriors stands approximately 6 3/4" and is designed after an Ashigaru, the Japanese term for foot solider. The figure is inspired by traditional Japanese warriors, and comes equipped with interchangeable hands, a katana and a blaster.

Price : $99.99

Ashigaru Storm Trooper

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